Georgina StarrAndrogynous Egg | Performance  |  Frieze  |  2017


"The ephemeral architecture is pastel-coloured and strong lights illuminate a group of women wearing offbeat garments. One is present only with her head resting on a table and her voice orchestrating the others’ movements. A great piece of pink chewing gum and a stage curtain made of eggs are other properties in this new physical and visceral dimension. Far from being embodied in a specific artistic language, it seems to create a completely new one."

Jacopo Miliani, Domus, 2017

"Georgina Starr’s sculptural performance piece Androgynous Egg was an utter joy. She directed a group of girls who wore vibrant long dresses, and even brighter tights, in a surreal and strange narrative involved chewing gum, dragging around chains of eggs attached to their underwear, operatic French poetry and acrobatics. The result was a funny, intimate and absorbing take on the erotic and poetic that expanded on her novel Empress 6699. This was the artist’s first London performance in a decade and announced her as a name that demands serious rediscovery. A perfect antidote to the market focus of gallery booths."

Francesca Gavin, Another Magazine, 2017

"The outstanding performance, Georgina Starr’s ‘Androgynous Egg’ – twenty minutes of sculpture, advanced singing, hyper-flexible choreography and witty ovum-themed text – also starred a triple-bunned soprano disembodied from the head down."

Paul Carey-Kent, Fad Magazine , 2017

"The performers showered viewers with repeated words, fragmented phrases and an array of sounds, color, and visuals to create a surreal experience. Reminiscent of Dada sound poems, the experience felt almost claustrophobic in the purpose-built art fair filled with artistic objects."

Naomi Sparks, Art Versed, 2017

"A highlight this year was former YBA and natural-storyteller Georgina Starr who returned to London with her first work in the capital in almost a decade....'Androgynous Egg' was a 20-minute dreamlike performance given by five dancer-vocalists and a singer whose head sits disembodied upon a table."

Sharon Thiruchelvam, Vice Magazine, 2017