Sound archive with 80 vinyl records, covers & listening booths


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Georgina Starr's I AM A RECORD dissects and reveals the artist's personal, geographic and imagined environment. The work draws on everything Starr has recorded (on audio) since she began hearing voices aged 5 years old. The range of this archive covers: the rumbling of a broken radiator which she thought was speaking to her, re-enactments of secretly recorded stranger's conversation, field recordings, singing voices, paranormal telephony, family dinner conversations, spirit messages, air eddies transformed into music, interviews with psychics and film stars, collected whistles, friend's messages from beyond the grave, love letters played via heavy metal drumming and the sound of a childhood record collection on fire. I AM A RECORD (2010) is a series of over 80 one-off pressed 12" vinyl records with unique painted and drawn cover artwork accompanied by posters, inserts and booklets.

160 pages, 32 x 32 x 5cm, hardback, limited edition of 250
ISBN : 2-908252-51-1

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