Podcast 016 : 2 mins 14 seconds
Saturday, 5th September 2010

In an interview with Studs Terkel in the 1980’s the American composer Leonard Bernstein said; “Music is one of our basic and deepest means of communication. We talk for hours using words, but we can never communicate on so deeper level as when we sing to each other.”
Not so long ago I sat in the audience of a small club listening to the folk singer Kath Bloom. Hearing her sing made me think about what Bernstein had said. It was on this evening that I first heard the song It’s Just a Dream. Bloom’s fragile voice seemed to struggle with the song’s melody and pitch, and quite unexpectedly reduced me to tears. The fragility of Bloom’s voice had touched me, but it was the honesty of her lyrics that had made me cry. Her tender words spoke so eloquently of the loss of youth and a yearning for what had passed. I sang the song to myself for weeks before it suddenly came to me - I wanted to hear my mother sing this song. My mother is not a singer, but after much persuasion she reluctantly agreed to give it a try.