Podcast 008 : 18 mins
Thursday 23rd July 2009

At the end of the Julie Delpy film Two Days in Paris the character Marion says, “It always fascinated me how people go from loving you madly to nothing at all.” The real mystery of that transformation for me has always been encapsulated in the change of the voice. You might have shared days, a week, months or even years of total intimacy and intensity of feeling and then all of a sudden it’s over, it’s all gone, and with it the spirit of the voice that once loved you. More than anything, even more than a look, I remember how a voice sounded when it was totally in love. Sometimes the change was extreme and obvious, but often it was a subtle shift in pitch or tone or texture or something. I have heard the change when I was still with a person and tried to ignore it, but mostly I heard it afterwards, and even though you may stay friends there is a way that voice sounded that will never, ever be the same again.

1. Your voice while drumming along to Lady Evil by Black Sabbath on a cassette tape you left on my doorstep in Leeds in 1981 the day after we broke up.
2. Your voice in a Vienna café in 1997.
3. Your voice while playing the guitar on a cassette tape you threw into my studio in Amsterdam in 1993.
4. Your voice via Kate Bush left on my answer machine in 1996.
5. Your voice while talking to your mum on the telephone in an apartment in LA in 1998.
6. Your voice via two movie stars voices on a cassette you sent me in 1997.
7. Your voice reading my stars in an apartment in Vienna on New Years Day in 1997, with the Wien-Schubertkirche bells ringing and the Vienna Philharmonic playing on TV.
8. Your voice singing on my answer machine in Amsterdam in 1994.
9. Your voice via Ween on a cassette you sent in 1998.
10.Your voice singing ‘Heaven’ on a cassette you sent in 1997.
11.Your voice via Billie Holiday on a cassette you sent in 1994.


# I am a Record