Podcast 004 : 23 minutes
Thursday 26th February 2009


One Night a Man Came Home From Work
Sung by James Starr
Recorded in Amsterdam, 1993
1 min 50 secs

On the day of June 22nd 1993 I was immobilized by a severe melancholia. My father had sensed this during a telephone conversation and had become worried about my mental state saying to me “don’t do anything stupid”. On hearing his words I suddenly recalled an old folk song he used to sing when I was a child. A few days later he sang the ballad on my answer machine.

I Found Your Cat Dead
A telephone conversation with Ronaldo Wright
Recorded in London, 2006
6 mins

On the day of the 19th July 2006 in the peaceful village of Watton-at-Stone the precious life of Lulu the beloved cat of Ronaldo Wright was violently taken by a neighbours Jack Russell as she slept in the shade of his garden bush...

Man Eating Tiger
The curator John Sandon describes ‘The Death of Munrow’
Recorded in 2008
2 mins

On the afternoon of April 12th 2008 I spent a miserable day in the rain washed Canadian town of Toronto. Sheltering from the severe downpour in a doorway I happened upon The Gardiner Museum. With nothing but time to kill I ventured inside to discover an inspirational exhibition of 19th century Staffordshire pottery....

The Ecstasy of Foxy
A telephone conversation with Ron Rowan about his pet fox ‘Foxy’
Recorded in London, 2006

In the bitterly cold winter of the year 2005 Ron Rowan’s dog Chaz fell into the murky and freezing waters of the River Lea. His attempts to save the aged dog from drowning were unsuccessful. Soon after this sad occasion Ron was befriended by a wild fox . The friendship of the fox helped alleviate the pain of his tragic loss.

Crying in the Den Haag Dagmarkt
Recorded in in Den Haag, 1993
1 min

In May 1993 in the Dutch town of Den Haag I was suffering from a strange affliction; every time I entered a supermarket I inexplicably burst into tears. After setting up a series of blind dates to alleviate my loneliness I met a woman called Jehane who was a singing teacher. I gave Jehane the words to a song I had written in a Den Haag supermarket which she then sang to me very beautifully while playing her guitar.

Sarah's Teeth
Recorded in Sheffield, 2009
3 mins

In late November of 2007 the rotting teeth of my sister Sarah were removed from her mouth one by one. Suffering agonising pain for many years she had reluctantly agreed to have them taken out at the tender age of only 30. Months later her teeth were accidentally removed again by a sausage roll.

A New Life (Without You)
Recorded in Los Angeles, 1998
3 mins

On a beach in Los Angeles in the month of May 1998 I was consumed by a strange premonition that my American boyfriend would drown while surfing. Suddenly imagining a life without him I whispered into my Dictaphone.

Mister Won’t You Please Help My Pony?
Performed by PONY
Recorded in Vienna, 1998
3 mins

A cover version of Ween’s tragic/comic song about a pony with a sick lung.
(Written by Ween, music by Oliver Hangl, voice by Georgina Starr)


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