Podcast 018 : 20 mins 11 secs
Saturday, 29 January 2011

A medley of tunes from my collection of street organs from around the world. Amongst them is a recording of the 'Draaiorgel de Noorderkroon' from Holland. In 1998 I invited 'de Noorderkroon' to the small village of Oosterwolde in the Dutch province of Ooststellingwerf to play a tune from a newly made cardboard music roll. Its usual tunes were the traditional melodies of the early 1900's, but on this occasion it played an especially composed dance music track written for me by a local musician. As the incongruous tune began to pump out from the pipes, bells and horns a group of teenagers appeared out of nowhere and started to dance around the organ.

Georgina Starr


Draaiorgel de Arabier : La Ronde de L’Amour
Michael Dean’s Organ : E Viva es Espagna
El Organillo : El Negro Zumbon
Draaiorgel de Arabier : Poupée de cire poupée de son
Draaiorgel de Noorderkroon* : London,Paris,Venice,Oosterwolde
Musique d’Une Vieux Manége Cirque : Le P’tit Coeur de Ninon
The Rainbow Dance Organ (Belguim) : Winchester Cathedral
Mortieorgel “de Splendid” : Kristal Wals
Orgue Mortier Orgel : Choucroute Tango

*Draaiorgel de Noorderkroon
Concept: Georgina Starr
Composition: Phil Mills
Organ notation: Tom Meijer
de Noorderkroon operator: Cor Anjema