Podcast 015 : 12 mins

9th April 2010

In 1870 a series of séances took place led by trance medium and artist David Duguid with his spiritualist circle. Each séance was documented and the findings from 100 séances were published in 1875 under the title of Hafed Prince of Persia: His Experiences in Earth-Life and Spirit-Life. The document is said to reveal, via the séance communication with the spirit ‘Hafed’, the missing years of Jesus Christ. The details of these events were told to me by spiritualist Ronaldo Wright, who in the 1970’s began a long and extraordinary journey that was closely linked to the events of a hundred years earlier.

In 2009 I began my own year of monthly sittings with psychic mediums. I started at The Spiritualist Society in Belgrave Square and I went on to visit a different medium in a different location each month. I chose the psychics carefully to reveal the unique approaches, methods, personalities and skills involved in spiritualism in the 21st century. The psychics knew nothing about me or my experiment and all their communications were recorded on audio. Listening afterwards to the voices and sounds on the tapes strange patterns had begun to occur within the information they channelled to me. On repeat listening I began to hear sounds within the recordings that I had initially missed, sounds that had fallen in between the gaps of words, as if new voices had actually appeared on the recordings.

I am the Medium holds 250 of these sounds on one 12-inch record. Each ‘sound’ is given one groove (1.8 seconds) and each groove is locked into its circle and will repeat forever until someone knocks the needle onto another groove. The full range of sounds cannot be heard unless the needle is tapped by the listener.

This is a live recording of the needle being randomly placed on the locked groove record over a 12 minute period.

# I am the Medium (limited edition 12” vinyl)