Podcast 017 : 44 mins 53 secs
Saturday, 29 January 2011

Unheard Compilation was made in the spring of 1997. It’s a cassette tape with extracts of sound taken from the making of artworks over 5 years. The tape was compiled for a show called Thoughts at City Racing gallery in London. It played continuously on a loop in the gallery for 3 weeks. After the show had ended someone contacted me and said they had ‘something bad’ to tell me. Apparently someone at the gallery had bootlegged my tape piece. I thought it was an odd thing to do without asking, but it didn’t seem like such a massive crime in the grand scheme of things. A few weeks later I received a letter in the post from the bootlegger in question. The letter began with the words, “I know I done wrong”, and he went on to describe how guilty he felt about copying the tape. He explained that he had grown used to hearing it playing and “didn’t want to go without it”. I supposed that really he only felt bad because he had been grassed up, but it was a nice letter to receive from someone I barely knew. He said he wanted to give me an artwork of his in return for mine. A month later he arrived at my studio with a drawing entitled ‘The Obscure Temple of the Starr Cult Beyond Nobson Newtown’. Sounds had transformed into words and pictures....


Unheard Compilation Listing:

1. Rehearsing for Last Seen at Killerton (1993) with Sean Dower in the Rijkacademie recording studio in Amsterdam, 1993 (2’17”)
2. Jerry & Dino rehearsing the radio advert for The Caddy in 1953 (2’49”)
3. Georgina singing Yesterday to a Beatles karaoke cassette while preparing to record Yesterday (whistle piece), 1990. (2’10”)
4. Clip from The Man Who Came to Dinner with Jimmy Durrante singing ‘Did you Ever Have the Feeling That You Wanted to Go?’ and used in Dining Alone (1993). (2’18”)
5. Rehearsing Whistle in the corridor at the Slade School of Art, 1992 (39”)
6. Recorded conversation in The Pollo Bar, Soho, research for So I Said, 1993 (1’00”)
7. First rehearsal for Mentioning with Mike Reynolds in his recording studio, London, 1993 (2’39”)
8. Clarinet played by Miwa Kojima from musical notes from Eddy 1 (for Whistle), London, 1992 (50”)
9. My Cough, 1992 (05”)
10. Remembering Visit to a Small Planet, first seen in in Leeds in 1978, accompanied by Dean Martin singing ’I Will’, Amsterdam 1994 (2’51”)
11. Rehearsing ‘Crying in The Den Haag Dagmarkt’ for The Nine Collection of the Seventh Museum (1994), with Johanna the singing teacher, Amsterdam, 1994 (00’59”)
12. Introduction to the real Visit to a Small Planet (1959) film, eventually located for me on VHS (NTSC) at Kim’s Video, New York City by Andrea Rosen in 1994 (2’15”)
13. Unused Taro card reading for Getting to Know You (eerie whispering came out in the recording), London 1993 (1’09”)
14. The Cowardly Lion from The Wizard of Oz (1939) (58”)
15. Auditioning an actress for playing all five roles in Frenchie for Hypnodreamdruff, Hoxton Square, London, 1995 (2’08”)
16. Recording of The Starr Family opening presents on Christmas morning, Leeds, 1992 (4’58”)
17. Music used for the background for the ‘Schizophrenia’ number sung by Elena in The Hungry Brain, Hypnodreamdruff, 1995 (2’50”)
18. Rehearsing the Japanese version of Erik, The Old Coach House, Clapham, London, 1993 (1’23”)
19. Koen’s guitar playing. A cassette was pushed under the door of my studio in Amsterdam, 1993 (1’03”)
20. Rehearsing ‘Long Haired Lover from Liverpool’ with Junior for The Making of Junior, The Nine Collections of the Seventh Museum, at Lehay guest house, Den Haag, 1994 (2’17”)
21. Dad singing, ‘One Night a Man Came Home from Work and Found his Daughter Hanging from a Beam’ left on my answer machine, Amsterdam, 1994 (1’32”)
22. Crying while depressed and working on the computer and listening to a pop song, Hoxton Square, London, 1997 (3’50”)
23. 'Heaven' sung by Oliver Hangl, 1997 (20”)

Image: The Obscure Temple of the Starr Cult Beyond Nobson Newtown, Paul Noble, 1997


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