Podcast 002 : 26 mins
Thursday 8th Jan, 2009

Hello it’s only me
From a series of messages left on my answer machine throughout 2007. The female caller identified herself as ‘Selma’. At the time I was reading about paranormal telephony in a book entitled Phone Calls From the Dead. The book details messages left on answer machines around the world that initially appear to be glossolalic (of an unknown language), but were later identified as voices from the dead.

Where is Kreton?
From the 1959 film Visit to A Small Planet.

Scops Owl
Embrosneros village, Crete.

A Sausage Shaped Spaceship
From a conversation with the artist and spiritualist writer Ronaldo Wright.

Klaatu’s Warning
Klaatu, the alien visitor from the 1951 film The Day the Earth Stood Still, gives his departing speech to the earthlings.

The Good Shepherd
Inside the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem in 2008.

Oooh What a Wonderful Thing Love Is
Al Green song covered by The Learys (April Totten, Nina Gonzales, Brooke Benko & Shana Levy) for Steven Hull’s project I’m Still in Love with You, 1997.
+ Extracts from psychic readings.

You’re Very Intuitive

I Can See People
A sitting with a Dutch psychic in a remote cottage in Edam in 1993. Also in attendance were her two Alsatian dogs and a pet raven.

Séance in Belgrave Square
A sitting with a medium at the Spiritualist Association in London in July 2008.

A Real Professional Charlatan
Excerpt from the 1945 film of Noel Coward’s play Blithe Spirit. Mr and Mrs Condomine await the arrival of the medium Madame Arcati...

A sitting with a psychic medium in Shepherds Bush, London in 2007. The psychic was holding a photograph of my school friend Louise who had died in 1987 aged 18.

ERIK (M14)
One of 20 stories about Erik, recorded in Amsterdam in 1993.

Misty Roses
A series of auditions were held in 1998 to find a child to sing Tim Hardin’s tragic love ballad Misty Roses for The Bunny Lakes are Coming video. Hundreds of kids arrived at my studio to sing. Ben Walford, a 13 year old avid darts player from Frimley in Surrey was chosen.