For each screening of THEDA musicians are invited by Georgina Starr to accompany the film and play live in the cinema space. The cinema venues are chosen to suit the spirit of the film. The first performance of THEDA was held at The Prince Charles, an old-style cinema in London's West End. On this occasion THEDA was accompanied by a 17 piece improvising orchestra to a sold-out 500 seat cinema crowd. Since 2007 the film has been screened in London, New York, Toronto, Liverpool, Genova, Stockholm, Berlin, Palermo & Glasgow. At a recent performance, inside an original end-of-pier theatre in the seaside town of Bournemouth (The Pier Theatre), the soundtrack was performed by the well-known German musician and soprano Sigune von Osten, who composed a special arrangement for voice and zheng.







 THEDA premiere at The Prince Charles, London cinema programme • 2006  


Live performance with Sigune von Osten • 2011


Interview with Starr about THEDA in Berlin • 2010


Documentary on THEDA at The Pier Theatre, Bournemouth 2011


Past & Future THEDA presentations • 2006-15


Blogger description of the THEDA premiere event in 2006