Sound Installation

Multiple speakers, cigar box, illustrated map of 'Erik' & video


While living in Amsterdam in 1993 Georgina Starr found a cigar box on a bridge with a mysterious hand written message on the back of it :

Dear Erik,

I've known you now for many years.It was always good to see you and hear your voice. We ate together often, mostly in harmony. I've always valued the wise words you spoke to me. I've not seen you now for a long time. But I hope we'll spend a pleasant evening together again.


While trying to locate the elusive 'Erik' she found that everyone had a story to tell about an Erik they had known. The collected stories were used to create a 'Super Erik'; someone who embodied the characteristics of all the 'Erik's' she had heard.


Map of Erik (click to enlarge)


ERIK was first exhibited as an audio installation at the Stedelijk Museum Bureau in Amsterdam in 1994. The intimately whispered stories played over 12 speakers around the gallery space creating a cacophony of words and voices.

• In the same year 'Erik' was translated into Japanese for the exhibition 'High Fidelity' in Nagoya.

• In 1995 people were invited to subscribe to 'Erik'. The subscribers received a piece of him (audio, text and video) in the mail each month for 2 years.