16mm film • duration : 3 minutes

In Georgina Starr's Bobby Bunny Buffer (2002) a young man lovingly caresses his customised 1970's 'Thundersley Invacar' in a homage to Kenneth Anger's 1960's classic film Kustom Kar Kommando.


The 16mm film is a shot for shot remake of Kustom Kar Kommando with Starr replacing the classic ‘Hotrod’ for a customised 1970’s Thundersley Invacar (which she re-names The Bunny Lakemobile). The car, an original Invacar which was introduced by the British government in the 1970’s and promoted as ‘Freedom for The Disabled', is the vehicle of choice for 'The Bunny Lakes', a gang of disaffected children who star in all the episodes of The Bunny Lake Series (1999-2003).

The male actor selected by Starr for Bobby Bunny Buffer was chosen after a long search by the artist for someone who resembled both ‘Bobby’, the car and gun obsessed protagonist in Peter Bogdanovich's 1960’s film Targets and 'Stevie' Bunny Lake's kidnapper in Otto Preminger's Bunny Lake is Missing (1965). Both films were the original inspirations for Starr's ‘Bunny Lake Series’ of which Bobby Bunny Buffer is part.



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