Podcast 007 : 46 mins
Wednesday 3 June 2009

In 1993 I attempted to get to know a stranger using only psychic and paranormal methodology. We never met or spoke to each other and our only communication was via a series of written requests, which I wrote and he responded to. I took his palm print to a palm reader, his date of birth to a numerologist, his dreams to a dream analyst, his hand writing to a graphologist, descriptions of his face to a physiognomist and the leaves at the bottom of his teacup to a tea leaf reader. After 3 months a portrait of a man emerged.
At the end of the experiment I asked him 11 questions about me. He answered my questions with an audiocassette. On the cassette was written The Voices of Georgina. The tape was filled with the most beautiful voices and words. Each song was played from vinyl record so every crackle could be heard as he placed the needle on the vinyl. Also on the tape, in between these lovely female voices was my own rather hoarse voice singing a song called Paper Doll. In one of my earlier requests I had asked him to name the first song that came into his head when he woke up the next morning. He had written that the song was Paper Doll, so I recorded myself singing the song and sent it to him. In another request I asked him to choose his favourite colours from the ‘Luscher Colour Test’. He chose yellow and blue so I sent him flowers of yellow and blue. Through our brief communication words had changed into music and flowers....


# Getting to Know You, 1994