(176) Mysteries Uncovered, The Lahey Collection

The Lahey Collection

The many depictions of scenes at Lahey could be interpreted as literal translations of the surroundings there, especially in such formal works as (4) The Narrow Corridor, The Lahey Collection, (5) The Guest Room, The Lahey Collection, and (82) Corridor Interior with Light, The Lahey Collection. Alternatively some works could be seen as a reflection of admiration for the creations of Christine Lahey. The Collection often references the energetic spirit of Christine Lahey, and her unpredictable approach to working, which the visitor was clearly influenced and intrigued by. This admiration is consolidated if we look at specific works which suggest that they were created from materials given by Christine Lahey from her own collection. There are many references to the use of these materials and their significance within the composition.  (21) Choosing the Cloth, The Costume Collection, (23) Material Landscape, The Costume Collection, (61) Interior, The Lahey Collection, (70,71) Interior with Treasure Chest, The Lahey Collection and the more significant  examples (19,20,22) The Making of the Golden Gown, The Costume Collection, which illustrate the visitor actually at work using these materials. (These costumes will be discussed further when we come to look at The Costume Collection.) 

In (6) The Secret Closet, The Lahey Collection we find an open door revealing materials in abundance, the title suggests as with (178 - 185) Mysteries Uncovered, The Lahey Collection, and (76) Interior with Hidden Shelves, The Lahey Collection, that the sight of these materials was intriguing, and perhaps the visitor was initially slightly tentative when looking into them.