Two-screen video installation & audio piece


Starr continued to use the paper figures from her first video work Static Steps—in Mentioning these figures became her mini-cast as they sat at tables 'conversing' and gesticulated wildly. At the same time Starr was spending time in cafés and bars around London surreptitiously recording couples private conversations with hidden mics. The words were meticulously deciphered and transcribed into notebooks which  would be used as subtitles in the video.

A 2nd element in the Mentioning installation is a single screen video where the words from one conversation are typed out karaoke style. As the words appear we hear the artist singing the song as she transforms the overheard conversation into lyrics.


Mentioning is the collective name for a series of 5 video conversations.



     Limited-edition box set cassette produced for Mentioning.



Sung by Starr